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The fleeces are made on our farm in Ilomantsi, where 

we rear our grey Kainuu sheep to maintain the hill landscape, a natural area of provincial significance. In summer, the sheep graze in the hillside fields and meadows.


The grey Kainuu sheep is a native Finnish breed that was close to dying out in the 1980s. Due to its rarity, the breed is still poorly known. The grey Kainuu sheep may be various shades of grey in colour, from almost white to practically black. It also, rarely, has a brown coat. The price of a fleece is determined by its size and quality. 


Wash proof sheep fleeces

80 - 240€

The fleeces are made on our farm in Ilomantsi. They are specially treated to not to felt or mat when machine-washed in water.


Kainuu Grey sheep yarn

The sheep are shorn in the spring and autumn. We have the wool spun into yarn at the Pirtin kehräämö spinning mill. The wool of the grey Kainuu sheep is very soft.

Dark grey Kainuu Grey sheep yarn:

140 TEX x 3  = 230 m/100g

140 TEX x 2  = 350 m/100g

11 €/~100g

Naturally dyed yarn

We dye our Finnish sheep’s white wool on our farm using natural colours.

18 €/~100g

30 €/piece


1/2 lamb, cut into pieces

Boneless stewing lamb meat

Lamb rump roast


Shoulder, boneless

Sirloin, boneless


14 €/kg

24 €/kg

19 €/kg

17 €/kg

19 €/kg

36 €/kg

38 €/kg

The spring lambs are slaughtered at the end of the year, in October and November. The fresh lamb meat is delivered to customers who have ordered it in advance. Our Finnish lamb is highly sought-after, so make sure to place your order in good time.


Sheep hide

Soft sheep hide which can be made into garments. Available in a range of colours.

Tinned mutton

100% sheepmeat

12 €/

~400g tin

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