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Lähde luontoon



Guide services

A guide for groups in the nature and sights of Ilomantsi.

For example, we can organise a tour of the wild herbs that grow on our farm. Travel expenses are charged separately. Ask us for more information.


Nature trail hike

Sheep take care of the traditional hilly landscape of Puustila Scenic Farm in Ilomantsi. On our guided nature trail over the meadows and pastures, you learn about the local nature, slash-and-burn forests and the conservation of the traditional environment. During the hike, we stop at a bonfire in the shelter of the forest, to drink coffee or tea brewed on an open fire. Along with the drinks, we serve a savoury snack and something sweet. After the hike, we show you the products that are made from our sheep.


The hike is for groups of 6-20 people and lasts about 3 hours. The route mostly passes through forest paths and is 1.5 kilometers long.


Lamb roast


This “rosvopaisti” or lamb roast is a piece of local lamb slow-cooked in a heated earth pit. We serve it with potatoes, a green salad, rye bread, and, to drink, kvass, juice and water. We also serve coffee or tea and something sweet to go with them. The food is also available gluten-free.

The roast is served for a group of about 15-25 people. Serving takes about 2 hours.

Wild herb lesson

On Puustila Scenic Farm, meadows and forests are full of hidden treasures during the summer months. The long daylight of North-Karelian summer gives the edible plants a very high level of flavour and vitamins. Get yourself inspired by various wild herbs and plants that nourish the body and mind.

The course starts with a themed welcome drink on our farm. From there continues with a guided walk, where you learn how to find and identify the most common edible plants that grow wild in nature. Together we will pick herbs and plants and prepare different dishes from them in our farmhouse kitchen. In the end we will enjoy this self-made meal in the cosy atmosphere of our traditional log house.


The course is available for a group of 6-10 people and lasts about 3 hours.


Lamb cooking lesson

During the lesson we make 3–4 dishes with accompaniments, depending on the size of the group, from local lamb’s meat. To finish, we eat.

The lesson is organised for a group of about 10 to 15 people. The lesson takes about 5 hours.


Other services

We also offer other lessons and activities by prior arrangement. For example, we offer yarn hand-dying lessons. Suggest an activity you’d like to do or ask us for more information.


The sauna in the yard, made of hand-carved aspen logs, has a changing room, washing room and steam room. It is heated with a wood-fired stove. In the steam room, you can watch the fire burning in the stove and admire the sunset. 

The washing room has a rain shower and the steam room sits 1–3 adults at a time. The price includes towels, seat covers, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and juice and water to drink. You can also bring your own sauna drinks.

Bookings in advance.


Sauna + outdoor tub





Sleigh ride

Depending on the weather, we can organize a sleigh ride for 1–3 people. It needs to be booked in advance. The ride lasts an hour, and during it we stop to serve a hot drink and a snack. The sleigh is pulled by our Finnhorse, Lovi.


Snow shoe walk

We can take groups of 1–8 people snowshoe walking over the quiet hills and wintry forests. The price includes guide services, use of snowshoes and poles, and a small snack.


The walk takes about 1–1:30 hours.


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