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Ilomantsi locates in the easternmost corner of Finland, where we decided move from the south of Finland about 30 years ago. On our farm, Puustila, in Maukkula, Ilomantsi, we take care of the traditional undulating landscape; in the fields on the hillsides, in the meadows and the Natura-classified meadows the Kainuu grey sheep and Finnhorses graze. As a partner of the North Karelian Biosphere Area, we are committed to promoting sustainable development. 


We offer guests bed-and-breakfast accommodation and guided tours in nature. You can also buy sheep products, such as fleeces and yarn, from our farm. A signposted culture and natural trail makes its way around our farm and visitors can follow it independently. 


Visitors can admire the beauty of the traditional landscape year-round. The sheep and lambs graze in the folds from the end of May to late autumn.


Our farmers Meri Viljamaa and Sauvo Henttonen look forward to welcoming you!


We are a partner of the North Karelian Biosphere Area





Puustilan maisematila

Vehnävaarantie 11

82820 Maukkula, Finland

Tel. +35850 4908613 

         +35850 5955924


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